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Your life assistant.
Our mission is the role of a leader in providing psychological services to people,
regardless of ethnic, cultural and territorial differences and contributing to the
enhancement of the psychological culture of citizens with the goal of harmonizing life on the planet as a whole. A person is given a chance to come to this world and it is necessary to use the potential of the universe in full.
The project "Psychologist-on-line" is designed to help people solve
psychological problems constructively, using psychological knowledge
and the latest technologies.
You will be given a consultation
(chat, video) or the administrator will
contact you within 7 minutes.
Our specialists are always ready to
provide qualified support in
various acute life situations.
We trust our team as ourselves.
They weretested in various difficult
Our prices are much lower than
market prices. «because we want to make support and help available to everyone, and not just for "Elite".
Our specialists approach counseling individually:
they always take into account that people are different and there are no universal approaches.
You can always remain anonymous
using our product.
We have all safe - certificates.
We won't know who you are
if you don't want to.
Our team is developing a project to create an extensive worldwide network of immediate online psychological support.
Stress surrounds the modern person always, he has become so commonplace that a person ceases to notice his harmful effects.
Moderate stress reaction is beneficial, it allows you to always be in good shape.
So we create our "Mood pack" as solution.
Many people find themselves unhappy with themselves, feeling their uncertainty, weakness and powerlessness before the tasks that life sets.
Just as self-confident people achieve great success in this life.
Will help you to gain inner strength and
become happier!
We help to restore broken ties, eliminate misunderstandings, establish broken contacts, interact more effectively with our loved ones, without losing our integrity, our goals and tasks, and remain in harmony with ourselves.
How it works
You need to do three easy steps to take your psychology consultation.
Fill in the form
You fill in the blank where you need to write your name, e-mail, telephone, time of you first consultation and chose specialist or program you like if already made a choice.
After it our support fairies connect to you in an hour to confirm and finalise your registration and sent payment details.
Start you chat!
Now you can freely speak to you psychologist at any time!
We can't help with deep depressions, manias, insanities etc. but we can help with contacts of a good specialists.
We are working to make our product available to all.
— chat with psychologist
— Access from 9:00 till 22:00
— Anonymous
800 rub
Per hour
— Annoumos
— You'll increase stress resistance.
— Access from 9:00 till 22:00

4 500 rub
2 weeks
— Annoumos
— You'll develop confidence-building skills
— You'll teach confident behavior with other people
— Access from 9:00 till 22:00

6 500 rub
3 weeks
— Anonymous
— You'll improve relationships with children
— You'll build family support system
— Access from 9:00 till 22:00
8 500 rub
Per month
Our team
Meet our team of psychologists and entrepreneurs - the founders of the project POL. Asking and receiving help is OK!
Anna Negi
COO, Co-founder
Professional psychologist with 15 years of experience in individual counseling. Certified leader of group and training programs. She is the author of several books, as well as publications in the field of practical psychology.
Vadim Kholodsov
CEO, Co-founder
A professional psychologist with many years of practical work experience. He graduated from the INSEAD MBA program. 15 years of experience in training & development.
A graduate of the business accelerator of the Higher School of Economics. An experienced consultant, trainer, coach.
Yana Evdokimova
Chief psychologist-supervisor of the project
Professional clinical psychologist. Candidate of Psychological Sciences. She worked for Kelly Services. Scope of scientific and practical interests: affective spectrum disorders (depressive, anxious, somatoform), eating disorders, experiencing grief, problems.
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